Now you can have you favorite moments from The Starfish and The Whale on a variety of merchandise items that are print-on-demand from TeePublic.

Click on a design or specific item to be taken to the TeePublic interface for that design. Each design can be printed on T-shirts, hoodies, onesies, phone cases, mugs, pillows, stickers and even masks!

Starfish and The Whale Book Cover designs:

Starfish/Whale T-shirt


Starfish/Whale Kids Tee


Starfish/Whale Mask


Starfish/Whale kids Hoodie


Starfish/Whale mug



Starfish/Whale Tote


Starfish/Whale Pillow


Starfish/Whale Phone Case


Starfish/Whale Onesie





















Click on any of the designs below to be taken to the TeePublic page for that design, where you will find options for merch for that design including: Shirts, hoodies, onesies, tote bags, phone cases, mugs, pillows and masks!

Whale Tail Ending Designs


Whale Roams The Earth Designs


Slimey Sea Snail Happy Designs


Giant Squid Design


Creatures Design


Starfish Design


Coolest Lil Bro Design